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Vertical Balers
Waste Equipment Supplies Ltd

Our Vertical Balers are fitted with industry-leading specifications brought to you by our team based in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Vertical Balers: Streamlined Waste Management Solutions

Vertical Baler Machines Offer an Eco-Friendly Solution to Waste Reduction!

These innovative balers function as high-capacity waste receptacles, enabling you to efficiently dispose of large quantities of waste. They transform this waste into tidy, compact bales that are easy to store.

Vertical balers, which can be loaded from the top or side, prioritise safety while also making a substantial impact on reducing your business's environmental footprint through recycling efforts. Experience the benefits of safety, efficiency, and dependability. Enhance your profitability by adopting a top-notch vertical baler system to streamline your waste management processes.

XTPack Balers - Machinery partner.
Cross Cylinder Balers - Hover for more info.

Specialised in compressing cardboards, paper, plastic scraps etc.

Cross-cylinder design reduces the height of the balers, conveniently for transportation, installation, and maintenance.

Emergency Stop Feature

Automatic Bale Ejector

Ideal For Smaller Spaces

PLC Control System

Cross Cylinder Balers

Dimensions: 1900 x 1500 x 2550 mm

Cross Cylinder Balers

Warranty: 12 months

Bale Weight: 300 - 500 kgs

Machine Weight: 2800 kgs

Mill Size Balers - Hover for additional details.

Specially designed for recycling waste cardboards, cartons and newspaper etc.

Equipped with wide feed opening door which lifts upwards automatically when the platen goes up, improves the work efficiency and save labour cost.

Automatic Chain Bale Ejector

Wide Feed Opening Door Lifts

Wide Range Of Safety Features

Mill Size Bale Weight

Mill Size Balers

Dimensions: 2000 x 1150 x 3100 mm

Mill Size Balers

Warranty: 12 months

Bale Weight: 300 - 500 kgs

Machine Weight: 2800 kgs

Plastic Mill Size Balers - Hover for further information.

Widely used for compressing soft plastics like PE/PP Films.

With the going down of the longer ram, the fluffy soft plastics will be efficiently compressed.

Automatic Chain Bale Ejector

Wide Feed Opening Door Lifts

Wide Range Of Safety Features

Plastic Mill Size Bale Weight

Plastic Mill Size Balers

Dimensions: 1650 x 1200 x 3300 mm

Plastic Mill Size Balers

Warranty: 12 months

Bale Weight: 150 - 350 kgs

Machine Weight: 2300 kgs

Small Vertical Balers - Hover to learn more.

Specially used for compressing the waste like food residue, paper, bottles, cans, plastic and textile waste etc.

The compact machine body ensures it requires less installation space, which is great for hotels, resorts and factories.

Automatic Chain Bale Ejector

Wide Range Of Safety Features

Equipped With NOK Seals

Other Models Are Avaliable

Small Vertical Balers

Dimensions: 1180 x 800 x 2550 mm

Small Vertical Balers

Warranty: 12 months

Bale Weight: 60 - 120 kgs

Machine Weight: 1000 kgs

Textile Balers - Hover for detailed specifications.

Widely applied by second-hand clothes recycling plants for compressing clothing, comforters, shoes etc.

Hydraulic lifting chamber door improves the work efficiency, conveniently for packaging and the tight crossed tying.

Wide Range Of Safety Features

Hydraulic Lifting Chamber Door

Special Ram Guides For Materials

​Other Models Are Available

Textile Balers

Dimensions: 1250 x 800 x 370 0mm

Textile Balers

Warranty: 12 months

Bale Weight: 40 - 60 kgs

Machine Weight: 1800 kgs

Twin Chamber Balers - Hover for product details.

Specially used for compressing the waste like paper, plastics and cardboard.

These are really popular options to be fitted on vessels and in hotels, resorts and factories.

Large Feed Opening & Chamber

Features A Double Chamber

High Efficiency Running

Wide Range Of Safety Features

Twin Chamber Balers

Dimensions: 1600 x 560 x 1750 mm

Twin Chamber Balers

Warranty: 12 months

Bale Weight: 30 - 60 kgs

Machine Weight: 500 kgs

Tyre Balers - Hover for additional information.

Specially designed for compressing rubber products like car tyres truck tyres, bus tyres etc.

Hydraulic-Driven Opening Door

Retractable Retainer Claws

Whole System Manual Controls

Wide Range Of Safety Features

Tyre Balers

Dimensions: 3734 x 1098 x 3700 mm

Tyre Balers

Warranty: 12 months

Bale Weight: 1 tons

Machine Weight: 7 tons

Refurbishments - Hover for refurbishment options.

Have you thought about using an old waste baler that's been transformed to like-new?

Before committing to a brand new machine, it's worth considering the cost savings this could bring to you.

Great Money Saving Options

6 Month Warranty Included

Wide Range Of Models Available

Maintenance Plans Available


"We recently purchased our first refurbished baler from Waste Equipment Supplies due to budgets being tighter. I am amazed with how this looks and it works like new!"     Mrs C Bowen

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We understand every business is very different and how you will use your equipment will of course vary. To help you make an informed decision as to which type of Vertical Baler suits your needs the best, please fill in this contact form and one of the team will be in touch to help advise.

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Servicing & Finance Options

We can help to keep your equipment running efficiently and reduce your monthly outgoings with our low-rate finance options.

Market Leading Equipment

We stock a wide range of industry leading, waste equipment that is guaranteed to meet your businesses recycling and waste management needs.

Free On-Site Quotation

Our team can come to you and discuss your needs before providing a no-obligation quote for the supply and install of your equipment.

Waste Equipment Service & Repairs

Trusted and reputable team of expert engineers

To keep your waste management and recycling equipment running efficiently, we recommend getting this serviced on an annual basis. We offer a number of different cost-effective service and repair plans to help you reduce your costs and keep your machinery working as intended for longer.

Affordable Plans

Our plans are designed to suit all and start from £50 per month.

On-Going Training

We can keep your team trained on how to use the machinery.

If you would like to add a service and repair plan your current machinery, please contact us by clicking here.

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