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Waste Sorting Lines
Waste Equipment Supplies Ltd

Our expert team are proud to bring you a wide range of state-of-the-art Waste Sorting Lines that offer a first class design and in turn, will deliver the best results to your business.

We are very proud to announce that we have secured the best rates available across the whole of the UK.

Elevate Your Waste Sorting Efficiency - Explore Our Bespoke Sorting Lines & Cutting-Edge Equipment

Wide Range Of Customisable Options Bespoke To Your Exact Needs

We have partnered with the market leader in Solid Waste Sorting Machines, Keson who are experts in their craft and deliver high-quality Sorting Lines for a wide range of businesses across the world.

The number of options you have to choose from is endless and all orders are made bespoke to each of our clients ensuring your Picking Lines meet your exact needs both in both loaded materials and employee roles and together can help your organisation to be more sustainable and improve our global environment.

Market Leading Keson Ai Robot

Choose the Keson AI Robot for unparalleled waste sorting precision, efficiency, and adaptability. Tailor the working area to your needs and experience the future of waste management technology.

Introducing the Keson AI Robot, a cutting-edge waste sorting solution that seamlessly integrates deep learning, 3-D image reconstruction, cloud computing, and advanced recognition technology. This state-of-the-art robot, designed for indoor use on flat belt conveyors, effortlessly identifies and sorts various materials, including concrete, red brick, sand, wood, plastic, rubber, paper, woven bags, fabric, glass, bottles, metal, and more.

We Offer A Wide Range Of State Of The Art Waste Sorting Solutions

Take A Look At Just Some Of The Many Products That Can Be Included In Your Sorting Line

Mobile Air Separator - Waste Equipment Supplies Ltd (2).jpg

The design delivers a great performance and a low maintenance cost.

The wind speed can be adjusted to help with different types of materials and the few wearing parts allow for little downtime and no dust leakages.

Negative Pressure Separation

Integrated Electronic Control

Suitable For Wide Range Of Waste

Filtration System Not Required

Air Separator System

Capacity: 25 - 35m³/h

Air Separator System

Fan Air Flow: 12,000m³/h

Material Grain Size: 0 - 400mm

Warranty: 12 months

Bounce Screen - Waste Equipment Supplies Ltd.jpg

A 3D Sorting Machine will sort in accordance to the materials difference in shape, size and its specific gravity.

Materials can of all shapes and sizes including, Plastic Bottles, Wood, Cans, Food Waste, Paper, Cardboard & more.

Angle Adjusted For Exact Needs

Easy Maintenance & Running

Optimal Performance At All Times

Suitable For Wide Range Of Waste

Bounce Screen

Angle Of Installation: 0° - 15°

Length Of Screen: Up To 6,300mm

Bounce Screen

Sieving Quantity: 5 - 20 t/h

Warranty: 12 months

Chain Plate Conveyor - Waste Equipment Supplies Ltd.jpg

With its simple structure, high strength reliable running and easy maintenance, this is the leading option for conveyors.

The Conveyors plate width, thickness and speed can all be adjusted to suit your exact needs.

Suitable For Wide Range Of Loads

Variable Speed Controls

Measurements Bespoke To You

Large Traction & Long Service Life

Chain Plate Conveyor

Chain Plate Width: 800 - 2000mm

Conveying Quantity: 60 - 380 t/h

Chain Plate Conveyor

Speed: 0 - 0.15m/s

Warranty: 12 months

Eddy Current Separator - Waste Equipment Supplies Ltd.jpg

Standard and high frequency strengths to ensure you materials are sorted according to their type and size.

Our patented technology allows this product to be a market leader and can  meet your waste materials exact needs and specification.

High Performance Magnetic Block

High-Strength Magnetic Field

Expert & Flexible Configuration

Combined With Vibrating Feeder

​Eddy Current Separator

Can Seperate A Wide Range Of Materials

Eddy Current Separator

Working Width: 400 - 1600 mm

Capacity: 3 - 21 m³/hour

Warranty: 12 months

Horizontal Air Separator - Waste Equipment Supplies Ltd.jpg

A state-of-the-art machine in which the material enters the settling chamber along the direction of the air flow.

The light and heavier materials are then seperated into different sections due to the change in positive and negative air pressure.

Designed For No Dust Leakages

Wind Speeds Can Be Adjusted

Low Repair & Maintenance Costs

Electronic Machinery Control

Horizontal Air Separator

Can Seperate A Wide Range Of Materials

Horizontal Air Separator

Working Width: 500 - 1800mm

Capacity: 14 - 65 m³/hour

Warranty: 12 months

Artificial Intelligence Robot - Waste Equipment Supplies Ltd.jpg

The state-of-the-art industry leading machine which identifies and sorts your waste through our AI technology.

Suitable for sorting: Wood, Plastic Pipes & Bottles, Bags, Clothing, Shoes, Glass Bottles and other materials.

Leading Science & Technology

Variety Of Identification Modules

Feed Points Suitable To Your Needs

Supports Deep Leaning & R&D

Artificial Intelligence Robot

Maximum Grasping Weight: 0 - 10kg

Sorting Accuracy: >95%

AI Sorting Robot

Conveying Speed: <0.5m/s

Warranty: 12 months

Vertical Air Separator - Waste Equipment Supplies Ltd.jpg

The materials fall down the Z-shaped pipe with the help of gravity. The airflow enters through the bottom of the pipe and the materials are sorted due to the difference in buoyancy of the air flow. Light materials move upwards whereas heavier materials fall to the bottom.

Adjustable Wind Speeds

No Dust Leakages

Low Maintenance Costs

Wide Range Of Safety Features

Vertical Air Separator

Capacity: 20 - 200 t/h

Vertical Air Separator

Multiple Different Models Available

Can Seperate A Wide Range Of Materials

Warranty: 12 months

High Elastic Vibrating Screen - Waste Equipment Supplies Ltd.jpg

The screen adopts double motor self-synchronisation technology.

Composed of a screen box, vibration exciter, support system and motor. The centrifugal forces generated will be superimposed along the direction of the vibration.

Really Long Service Life

Light Weight & Really Durable

Processing Capacity Is Really Large

9 Different Models Available

High Elastic Vibrating Screen

Feeding Material Size: < 10mm

Vibrating Screen

Output: 40 - 320 t/h

Surface Area: 3.6 - 21.6 metres squared

Warranty: 12 months

Get A FREE Site Audit & Quote

When It Comes to effectively sorting your Waste - Get a Sorting Line and Make Life Easy.

We understand every business is very different and how you will use your equipment will of course vary. To help you make an informed decision as to what type of machinery you need, be sure to contact our team and we can create a bespoke line of machinery that is designed for you.

Everything Is Bespoke To You

Thousands Of Different Variations To Suit Your Exact Waste Sorting Needs.

We are delighted to let you know that we can now create custom made drawings which help us to plan exactly what you need and the type of machinery that will suit you best. These can be based on the materials you are looking to process, the space you have available, the size of your team and the budget.

Servicing & Finance Options

We can help to keep your equipment running efficiently and reduce your monthly outgoings with our low-rate finance options.

Market Leading Equipment

We stock a wide range of industry leading, waste equipment that is guaranteed to meet your businesses recycling and waste management needs.

Free On-Site Quotation

Our team can come to you and discuss your needs before providing a no-obligation quote for the supply and install of your equipment.

Recent Kesom Installs

Have A Look At Some Of The Recent Kesom Installs Now In Place Across The Globe

Click On Each To Find Out More About The Project.

Waste Equipment Service & Repairs

Trusted and reputable team of expert engineers

To keep your waste management and recycling equipment running efficiently, we recommend getting this serviced on an annual basis. We offer a number of different cost-effective service and repair plans to help you reduce your costs and keep your machinery working as intended for longer.

Affordable Plans

Our plans are designed to suit all and start from £50 per month.

On-Going Training

We can keep your team trained on how to use the machinery.

If you would like to add a service and repair plan your current machinery, please contact us by clicking here.

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